Comprehensive Planning for Pollution Free Smart Green City

For any Smart Green city, proper basic infrastructure is required. Here we will discuss on main infrastructural problems & solutions related with roads, transportation & traffic air pollution.

Actions Plan for Roads


Action Plan for Roads - A huge number of road accidents in India primarily caused by lack of standardization in the transport systems, undisciplined traffic and poor road infrastructure and conditions.


Action Plan for Public Transport System


Action Plan for Transportation System - Variety of vehicles causes traffic jam. Similarly there is no proper lane marking on each road for each variety of vehicle which causes KEOS. Hence buses will follow a Unidirectional Traffic System (UTS) with four doors arrangement for men, women and families will have separate doors for getting in and out, almost first time in the world.


Complete Action Plan namely New Road and Transport Planning of Entire India is ready for execution.


The main aim of this organization is safe and smooth travel for everyone. To achieve this aim, we face following main hurdles:

  • Since India has largest two wheelers in the world, it requires separate lane. Otherwise traffic jam, accidents, rush will be an inevitable.
  • Two wheelers do not have proper safety since lack of their own lane. They travel anywhere on the road where they find space/gap. This creates dispute and increase indiscipline. This situation creates obstructions for other vehicles also and that to maximum for public transport busses.
  • Similarly other factors such as city busses, signal system, zebra crossings, dividers etc are also not standardized and not executed properly resulting unsafe and hectic travel.
  • Public transport busses do not have any standardization for busses as well as for their door positioning. There are lots of varieties for the city busses and to their doors. Due to this, bus stop also cannot be standardize properly. This all variety creates rush at bus stop and people get upset.
  • There are lacks of micro detailing on each issue right from major to minor and poor co-ordination between the government and administration departments. Our action plan will take care of all these standardizations and detailing and will execute the same in proper manner with the help of government authorities. We are trying to give various solutions on road and transport problems, detailing can be seen in our action plan namely New Road and Transport Planning of Entire India.


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