Two Wheeler Safery

(Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Indian govt. already has a no. of plans in this regard. What is new in this ?

    Answer: Proposed “infrastructure development plan department” is a group of self motivated visionaries where each individual has an opportunity to contribute from the stage of conception to completion, in the interest of nation. This thought process and the will to execute these projects will offer a new dimension to the nation even though the proposal is not prepared by professional organizations.

  2. In this plan, a no. of drastic changes will be required such as new teams for road planning, formation of fast track courts etc. This looks to be a sizable task?

    Answer: There will be no major changes will be required for all these reforms. However, the success of the proposed mega projects such as Metros, Skywalks, Bus Rapid Transit, Bullet Trains is still doubtful and there is no sense of responsibility or ownership in case of a failure. Instead of pursuing these projects, when we hand over the responsibility to the proposed “new infrastructure development plan department”, many useful projects will get completed faster and with lesser investment. We will have to work sincerely towards building the nation with this department rather than investing huge amount of money and time on these unrealistic Mega-projects. Once the basic infrastructure is built by the ‘New Road & Transport Planning of entire India’, we may explore the possibility of starting the mega projects at a later stage.

  3. In this planning, the width of the footpaths seems very less.What is the provision for people riding bicycles?

    Answer: We have considered the minimum required width for footpaths as shown in the sketches. If required, the width of footpaths may be increased up to nearby shops / houses / compound walls etc. depending on the situation. After ensuring the required standard width of the roads, footpaths may be widened depending on the space availability & the number of people using the same. Bicycle tracks may be made along with the footpaths as per standardization. The cycle track width can be kept from 0.91m (3’) to 3.04m (10’) as per the local situation. However cycles will travel in two wheelers’ lanes where separate cycle tracks will not be available.

  4. What if continuous parking is not required on 15.24m/18.29m (50’/60’) wide roads? or what if both side parking is required on 9.1m (30’) wide roads? or what if road width is not as per the standard?

    Answer: You can alter / transportation planning as per local requirements to some extent. e.g. you can increase two wheeler lanes or you can have parking on both the sides. Refer to some exceptional situations given & various standardization. While making other changes, one should not deviate from the standardizations such as width of the roads / parking lane / two / four wheeler lanes, parking methods, bus stop / zebra crossing markings, signal system, dividers, bus rapid transit, etc. It will be necessary to follow the sketches.

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