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SPC - A Solution presented in the World Conference, Riyadh organized by IRF
[ International Road Federation]

SPC is the first action plan of the Twelve Point Plan to 'Revive India' The TPP ( Twelve Point Plan) addresses Six Areas of Concern identified by Rajivbhai, the visionary and Six Areas of Concern identified by Mr. Sanjay Paradeshi. Together they make TPP ... Twelve Point Plan

Six basic areas of concern identified By Rajivbhai are

  • Indian Economy

  • Agricultural System

  • Education Economy

  • Health & Justice

  • Government Administration

Six Areas of Concern in Infrastructure suggested by Sanjay Pardeshi

  • Water

  • Electricity

  • Residence

  • Drainage / Garbage

  • Roads & Transportation

Being an Indian, it's our very first moral responsibility to come together to make our country as beautiful and as safe to live as possible. You can share this concept of Reviving India on the social networks.

Share it on your facebook wall. Spread the message among your friends and colleagues. Spread it among different institutions that are contributing into shaping the future of our India.

You also can contribute your skills. Please do contact us if You are

  1. Road and/or transport department authority

  2. An architect

  3. Structural Consultant

  4. Road Contractor

  5. Related to institution like RTO, Civil Engineering College, Architecture College etc.

  6. You also can join us as a volunteer to Revive India

  7. You can join our open forum to give suggestions, your action plans, results if any.

How To Revive India   Economic Revolution

Basic Revolutionary Plan (B.R.P.)

ECONOMIC REVOLUTION: 'Arthakranti' Action plan is ready in a complete form. Implementing this plan will result in a 'Tax free' and prosperous India.

Main solutions of Arthakranti Foundation are (

At present the taxpayers are paying 32 types of taxes to the government. Arthakranti proposes zero taxation throughout the nation (except the customs / import duty taxation). Today's taxation system will be terminated. Only 2% bank transaction tax will be applicable to the payment receiver. This 2% tax will be distributed between Central Government (0.7%), State Government (0.6%), local governments (0.35%) and the concerned bank (0.35% ). The currency notes of Rs. 100/-, Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/- will be scrapped and will not be printed in future. Such large denominations are not used in developed countries. Cash transactions above Rs. 2,000/- (Rs. 5000/-) will not be promoted. All the black money deposited by Indians in different countries will be brought back and declared white money. The same shall apply for black money within India as well. All these changes will be made at one stroke.

- Proposal by Mr. Anil Bokil.

Your contribution / involvement in this process will only make it successful..
COME, let US Make It HAPPEN !!

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